Working at OpenCore

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and always looking for new colleagues. As a part of our team it is our top priority to keep you happy, engaged, shield you from as much red tape as possible and working on interesting projects. Our core business is to transfer knowledge and communicate with our clients so it is only natural that this is also one of our main goals in our company.

What we offer

  • We encourage contributions to Open Source projects and would love to support you on your way to committer status
  • Continuous Knowledge transfer and training (only makes sense it being our core business)
  • Free choice of laptop and phone
  • Work from home (we obviously help you set up your workspace) or from our clients
  • Flexible vacation times (no fixed maximum)
  • Visit conferences and Meetups, giving talks is encouraged but not required
  • A chance to actively shape and develop a young company

Who are we looking for?

We're still working on a detailed list of job openings. But we're looking for people with all levels of experience. Whether you're fresh from university, have gained first job experiences or are an industry veteran: As long as you're interested in what we're doing, are willing to travel, are allowed to work (and ideally live) in the EU and want to help drive this further just contact us at