We focus on Apache Hadoop & emerging data technologies, providing human and digital services to help enable our customers to succeed with their Big Data efforts.

Consulting. Above the usual consulting offered by partners and vendors, OpenCore consulting is a specialized group of industry veterans leading a think tank of advisors, who can help with vital strategic guidance, and conduct workshops at important stages of a project, ensuring a successful data strategy. We are the glue to bridge the gap between platform and vertical solution, while transferring our knowledge to you.

Training. Covering a wide range of technologies, you can choose from courses that not only cover the necessary basics in theory but go beyond what’s currently being offered on the market by integrating lessons learnt from our consulting business in practice oriented courses. On top of that we keep you current with regular updates and shorter and more focused courses, helping you stay ahead of technology and its rapid changes.

Insight. A unique, subscription based service, monitoring important open-source projects, and deriving vital metrics providing insight into the development of data technologies. We research and provide in-depth reviews of competitive technologies, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, independently and objectively. This enables decision makers to short-circuit their experimentation phase and start being productive faster.


Hadoop has just turned 10 - and we have been part of it since the beginning.

We are deeply entrenched in the open-source technologies that have emerged in the last decade, including Hadoop, search, machine learning, and NoSQL. Within the team we have authored books (e.g. Apache HBase), we are open-source committers and Apache Project Management Committee (PMC) members, forming the brain trust shared with our extended group of advisors. We are focused on enabling our partners and customers to create a center of excellence inside their own organization, while continuously providing updated information as new developments take place, and strategic intelligence to adjust directions before any detrimental impact is incurred.

Open Source

With the shift of open-source projects now building the foundation of enterprise data hubs, we concentrate on the same space, making these tools easier to understand. We have years of software engineering background with Continuous Integration (CI), agile development processes, and more to help you plan, design, and implement your own solutions on top of the open-source stack. In addition, we commit or contribute code to the upstream projects so that future versions include all suitable additions you require.

Project Focus

While there are many interesting projects out there, we specifically focus on those that are already established or are upcoming in the Big Data world, including, for example:

  • Hadoop, HBase, Apache Hive, Apache Impala, Apache Kudu
  • Elasticsearch, Apache Solr
  • Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Flume

We partner with the main vendors in each category and use those deep and strong ties to clarify any strategic or complex technical questions you may have.


We offer more than just training.

We've got lots of experience in the Hadoop, Big Data/New Technologies world. We'd love to share this knowledge with you. That's why we've developed courses for the topics that we're best at.


The IT landscape is rapidly changing, making vast amounts of data the centerpiece of any business strategy.

Open-source software is moving into the center of the enterprise, storing and processing vast amounts of agile, varying, data streams which form the backbone of what was once the realm of vendor driven schedules and feature releases. How can you keep abreast of changes when there is little central control and planning? Our insight services bring clarity and reliable information, forming the basis of your knowledge-based decisions.

Newsfeed. Big Data and new storage technologies are discussed many times over on the internet: there are blog posts born out of the necessity to fill gaps in the official documentation - which is often incomplete and outdated. We provide one single place to get all the important information around the technologies we watch on your behalf. There are several tiers giving you a choice of how much information you need.

Direct Contact. Over the years we have noticed how customers wish they had someone on speed-dial to ask important question and get insight and input when really needed. This is hard to cover with retainer policies and ad-hoc consulting, as lead times are notoriously long. Based on the tier you choose, you will have our trusted advisors available when you need them, so that projects do not get stuck, and knowledgeable decisions made.

Knowledge Base. As we collect vital information and create our own technical reports, we feed this wealth of documentation into our knowledgebase, providing you with around-the-clock value, at the time it is needed. We tailor all our insight offerings to your profile, so that we do not confuse or distract you with too many or too few details, making your task simpler and straightforward.

Let us help you to be successful with your Hadoop and Big Data projects.

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