We are an IT & management consulting company with a focus on the
Apache Hadoop ecosystem & emerging data technologies.

Consulting. We offer consulting on all Big Data and Hadoop related topics. We work at all levels: From the conceptional or strategic stage (what can be done?) right down to hands-on work in the source code.

We differ from our competition in that we are committers in some of the projects (Apache HBase, Hive, ORC) and have been working in the field for 10+ years.

Training. We offer public and in-house training courses covering the most important technologies in this field today. Our courses combine the necessary theory with practial hands-on exercises.

We offer courses on Hadoop/Big Data Basics and Apache HBase as well as others on request.

We are happy to create a custom training tailored to your specific needs as well!


Hadoop has been around for more than a decade - and we have been part of it since the beginning.

We are an IT consultancy helping you in your projects. Why should you chose us above our competition?

Well, we've been in this Big Data field since more or less the beginning (over ten years). Longer than most. That allowed us to work on tens of projects in those years. We are not only consulting on this software stack but actively participating (committers and contributors in various Apache projects).

It is our belief that we can best help you with short, focussed support. A few days to weeks at a time is usually optimal, as this allows us to keep a broad overview over what works for other customers as well. What this does not mean is that we are not interested in long-term relationships - just not in a full-time capacity. Our goal is to empower you to do everything yourself and only rely on us when it's really necessary. We also do specialize in troubleshooting and fire-fighting issues when needed.

Open Source

With the shift of open-source projects now building the foundation of enterprise data hubs, we concentrate on the same space, making these tools easier to understand. We have years of software engineering background with Continuous Integration (CI), agile development processes, and more to help you plan, design, and implement your own solutions on top of the open-source stack. In addition, we commit or contribute code to the upstream projects so that future versions include all suitable additions you require.

Project Focus

While there are many interesting projects out there, we specifically focus on those that are already established or are upcoming in the Big Data world, including, for example:

  • Hadoop, HBase, Apache Hive, Apache Impala, Apache Kudu
  • Elasticsearch, Apache Solr
  • Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi

We partner with the main vendors in each category and use those deep and strong ties to clarify any strategic or complex technical questions you may have.


We offer more than just training.

We've got lots of experience in the Hadoop, Big Data/New Technologies world. We'd love to share this knowledge with you. That's why we've developed courses for the topics that we're best at.

Let us help you to be successful with your Hadoop and Big Data projects.

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